"We hired Nicki for our wedding on 10-21-17 and let me just say, it was the best decision we made throughout the whole wedding planning process. From the initial phone conversation before we had even booked Nicki’s services, she was helpful, detailed, and understanding of all our wants, needs, and expectations. During the initial consultation, Nicki gave us so much helpful information and insight that we couldn’t imagine not having her there to help us throughout the process. Nicki provided us with extensive lists of highly qualified vendors as well as checklists and other important information that aided the planning process. Anytime I had a question, I would shoot Nicki a text or an email and she was always so quick to respond. Nicki met with us two times in person and helped us come up with a timeline for the day and well as hammer out all the small details that were essential to helping the day go smoothly. She always had a positive attitude and was willing to help us anyway she could. She even went with us to a final walkthrough of our venue and made sure that our every last question and need was addressed. She attended our church rehearsal the night before the wedding and, with as talented as she is, managed to help us run through the ceremony that involved more than 60 people. The day of the wedding was literally perfect. Nicki helped organize the procession at the mass and as soon as it was over she headed over to our reception to begin the setup. We hired a lot of vendors- a decorating and lighting company, a linen company, a florist, a DJ, and several other musical performers. Nicki organized a timeline for the vendors to arrive and ensured that every piece of decor was exactly where it needed to be. When we arrived to the reception, we were in awe. Nicki and her assistant Lexi made our vision come to life and it was BEAUTIFUL! The remainder of the evening went so smoothly as well and Nicki made sure we stuck to our timeline. We were so grateful to have her and Lexi there because our parents and close family members didn’t have to bare the stress of setting up the venue and figure out where all the decor needed to go. Everyone was able to enjoy the wedding feeling like a guest, including my husband and me! Nicki is the best of the best and I will definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an experienced, detail oriented, organized, and charismatic person to help them plan their big day or event. She is absolutely superb!!!" - Amanda

Photographer: Timothy Whaley Photography