NICOLE PADILLA (Nicki) - Owner and Lead Planner

Oh where to begin, I was born on a hot summer’s day…  err..  probably don’t need to go back that far.  Let’s start back in highschool when I interned at a fortune 100 company in their corporate events department. I had an amazing mentor that showed me all the tricks of the trade when planning large scale and small scale events with budgets of all sizes. Then at age 22, I planned a destination wedding anniversary/vow renewal that included every detail from the invitations to the dinners, excursions, décor, vendor selection, gift bags and even the party playlist.  I loved every minute of the planning process and never found myself overwhelmed or stressed by any of it.  To this day, I have guests tell me what a great trip that was and even then how they knew this is where I would end up as a career.      

After about 15 years of working in corporate events and helping countless friends plan their weddings, I realized that I was onto something.  From that point on Mack Wedding Design was born and the rest is history.  

A little more about me, since it’s a subject I know pretty well.   I have an obsession with cupcakes and the gym. I’ll let you figure out that correlation.   Adele is my spirit human and I dream about us being besties.  I miss the days when rap music was actually good, but like Tupac said, “Ya gotta keep your head up”.   If “brunching” was a profession I would be a billionaire on an island somewhere, most likely eating brunch.  I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with DIY and Pinterest, and I even have the hot glue gun scars to prove it.   When I’m not helping couples with my wedding wizardry, I am a total foodie (see brunch above). I love traveling to new places, mainly to try different food..  perhaps, I should have eaten before writing this bio. In all seriousness, I love making couples happy and stress free on their big day by ensuring that even the smallest details are not overlooked.  Congrats, and I look forward to bringing your wedding vision to life.   

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ALEXA TORRES (Lexi) - Lead Coordinator

Self-appointed queen of organization and details. From a young age I have always been the planning type. Whether it was orchestrating musical/theatrical productions with my sisters or planning themed sleepovers with friends, I always had a vision and did whatever I could to bring that vision to life. My passion for planning never died when I got to college as I took on the role of Recruitment Chairman for my sorority. I led every part of the recruitment planning process from decor to entertainment. Making each event a fun and exciting experience for all was extremely challenging, but it taught me one of of most valuable lessons in event planning: be flexible and ready for anything!

Today my love for weddings comes from seeing all the tiny details of your planning, along with the touches of personal style finally come together on the big day. You've done all the planning and prep, now is the time to bring all of your family and friends together to celebrate! Nothing makes me happier than seeing the bride and groom truly enjoying and cherishing this special day surrounded by their family and friends. Let us take on all the planning and coordinating so everyone feels like a guest on your big day!

When I'm not designing a super sweet dessert table or ushering guests from one venue to another, you can find me crunching numbers as an accountant during the day. My hobbies include traveling, kickboxing, snuggling with my dog, Boo, and long romantic walks down the wine aisle at Trader Joes. 

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TAYLOR TIRITILLI – Assistant Coordinator

When Nicki needs to bring in the big guns, she calls me...  So in actuality I travel quite a bit, but when I am in town I get put to work, especially for the bigger events.  I’ve been tasked with everything from serving appetizers when a venue is shorthanded, to setting up signage, flowers, chairs. I am ready and willing to take on any task that needs to be done.  You can call me the team player. Whether it’s big or small I can do it all. My experience in the hospitality industry for a large hotel chain has lent itself well to the wedding business. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you have about hotel room blocks!